Wyn Blog 48

This week I was with two best friends who I have known for over 35 years. Pam had a birthday on Monday and Wyn invited us for lunch at her lovely cottage in Bishopstone, Herefordshire.

We used to work together at a local veterinary surgery, Barker, Watkins, Fleming and Newton in the seventies and eighties. Now renamed Belmont Veterinary Centre and Pam has gone back to work there after a few years in a different job. Wyn was at both surgeries for many years and is now retired.

Blog Wk 48 Wyn

The 'wildflower' section

Wyn and her husband Jim live in a delightful cottage with a glorious garden. Both keen gardners, this is apparent in the lay out and variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers that have been lovingly planted over the years.

 blog Wk 48 Wyn

Beetroot and Kale, just two of the many varieties of vegetables grown

Blog Wk 48 Wyn

Immaculate lawn and borders

Wyn is an excellent cook and lunch certainly did not disappoint! A Mediterranean dish made up of aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, courgettes, garlic, olives and feta cheese, along with herbs from the garden was delicious. Garlic bread was used for dipping in the excellent juices that the dish produced.

Blog Wk 48 Wyn

First course eagerly anticipated!

 Blog Wk 48 Wyn

Fabulous raspberry Pana Cotta!

Home made elderflower cordial was the drink of choice for all of us. Dessert was again home made, an exquisite raspberry Pana Cotta and tuille biscuits. Pam meant to bring some cup cakes she had made, but left them at home by mistake. To be honest, I could not have eaten another item of food!

Blog Wk 48 Wyn

Wyn, Jim and Pam

We went for a walk in a meadow and observed butterflies, blue tits, yellow tits, wild flowers in the hedgerows. Strolling back to Wyn's cottage in the sunshine along the country lanes,we reminisced about days spent working and going out to various places socially way back when!

Blog Week 48 Wyn

Wyn arriving for work by bike, Me tearing my hair out over something, (probably a balance sheet that didn't balance!), Pam on the steps and Sue ( a veterinary nurse like Pam) in the back yard in the late seventies

Over a cup of tea, Pam showed us her photo album from the seventies and eighties containing images of the three of us. Memories came flooding back! All in all, a great day and no cooking required when I returned home. 

Have a good week Oapschatters and see you next Saturday!

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