Blog week 59

As I type this my email box is constantly ping ping pinging with Black Friday 'deals'. I have no interest in spending hours queuing or searching online for a 'bargain.'

Am I missing out? Maybe, but the older I am, the less clutter I find I want or need. Also I am convinced that many of these items are hiked up on recent prices prior to Black Friday and then reduced to a price that is higher than it was previously. The consumer programme Watchdog, last night, pointed out three such items. I am sure there are many more. Whilst none of this is illegal, it does grate a bit to think that stores can and DO advertise their products in this way.

After watching last year's mayhem with people fighting over a discounted television and many others pushing and shoving to buy products, it puts me off even more!

The fact that Black Friday deals extend into Cyber Monday and even beyond, means that there surely is no need to get up at midnight and wait outside a particular store until it opens at 5am or whatever ludicrous time some of the poor staff have to be at work.

Thankfully some of the stores have decided not to take part in this idea that originated in America. On the website Fat Face for example this extract is written:-

'Instead of Black Friday discounting, we’re donating up to £250,000 of our profits to your local charities. By shopping with us, you’re helping them.

Under our new ‘Thanks for Giving’ initiative, we will be donating 10% of our net profits during the Black Friday period to local charities around the country. The selected charities are all local to our 221 stores and head office and have been chosen by our store crew and staff.'

What a great idea Fat Face!  I also know of a big supermarket who is not taking part this year.

Many smaller shops in towns and cities across the country need our business to stay open and I for one, will be shopping locally and I much prefer talking to the shopkeeper who has sold me my products, rather than buying online, pushing a 'send' button on my screen and then wondering if I have done it twice and my credit card has been charged twice. More stress!!

As someone put on FB the other day, 'If you have time to sit or stand outside and queue for hours for a store to open, maybe next Friday go and sit with a family member or a friend who may be glad of your company.'

On that note, I am popping round to a neighbour who has not been well and seeing if she needs anything. 

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