New Year

Happy New Year Oapschatters! No doubt many of you have made New Year Resolutions. Only 8% of people stick to them according to this report. Having been around since the 23rd Century B.C, it looks like they are here to stay!!

I have found some very strange ones on the internet. Take a look at these seven listed here. From 'round things' in the Phillapines to 'broken plates' in Denmark- certainly whacky!!


Fitbit Flex

I asked for a Fitbit for Christmas and received a FitBit Flex from my two nieces. From measuring the number of steps taken daily, through to calories burnt and sleep achieved, this little device I am wearing around my wrist is letting me know how I run my life!

My New Years resolution is NOT to become addicted to it!!

Actually it is quite hard to maintain 10,000 steps daily, even harder to stick to recommended calorie levels! But it is a FUN present and as someone who loves charts, a Fitbit certainly has these incorporated into the device.

Instead of the most obvious resolutions, giving up smoking, giving up chocolate, giving up cake, giving up booze, perhaps aim for small resolutions that are EASY to keep forever, not just for 2016. Realise that good friends are invaluable and make more time to meet up, keep in touch with family that live far away and LAUGH more. My late mother always told me that smiling and laughter keep wrinkles at bay.

I had better keep grinning now I'm the big 60!

Whatever you do in 2016, I hope it is a healthy and a very happy 2016. See you next Saturday!