Are you particular about the type of soap you buy? So many different brands and products out there.

So is a bar of soap better or equally as good as a hand wash or hand gel?? The ingredient Triclosan which is present in many antibacterial hand washes and gels is sending out worrying messages. There are quite a few reports which are concerning, but obviously I do not know how accurate they are. This article from The Guardian is one of many. The one here is from the USA. Of course there is a case for using the dispensers in hospitals, doctors surgeries etc as a precaution to patients and visitors alike. Triclosan is also present in many other products. So.......



When I was growing up, I can remember coal tar soap being in the kitchen and bathroom. This soap is made by Wrights and has been around since 1860!  


One of the super gift sets

For Christmas I was given two gift sets of L'Occitaine products. Luxury!! Amongst the fabulous products were two bars of exfoliating soap which contain almond oil.

Since last October, I have had very very dry hands and despite spending pounds and pounds on various hand creams, moisturisers, vaseline etc, nothing has worked. On New Years Day, I decided to try out one of my L'Occitane soaps as a hand wash and believe it or not, by yesterday my hands were back to normal!! No more dryness or soreness.

This may be pure coincidence, or it could be the properties of the soap that did it. Either way, I'm very pleased!


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In 2014, my good friend Lesley Krither sent my late mother a super bar of soap from France from the company in the above photo. No UK products worked on mum's rashes, dry skin etc. This worked a treat and smelt divine!!

So, my point is, do I stop using anti bacterial hand wash and go back to soap? Maybe I will use the latter for a while. I'm sure it will work out cheaper in the long run and could be more beneficial to my health too?

This blog is purely from a personal point of view, I do not have any scientific qualifications to know if the ingredients in any of the soaps mentioned cause any side effects.

Which soaps do you use? See you next Saturday!

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