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Blog week 70

The last time I caught a cold was in November 2014! Then suddenly just before midnight on Wednesday 10th February, I started sneezing, coughing, eyes were watering and I thought to myself 'where have you just come from??'

Another busy week at OAPSchat Towers and maybe my body is perhaps asking me to slow down by giving me the 'lurgy??!'

Blog wk 70

Lemon, whisky, honey

So, after a long night, I went out and bought some lemons to go with the Ogilvy's honey and whisky which are already in my cupboard. Being out in the cold sunny air did me good and I enjoyed my walk. Now back inside, I am coughing again.... I have just remembered I have some Pholcodeine pastilles upstairs. These are good for controlling tickly coughs.

They are not suitable for all people and some chemists no longer stock them, but I have been told you can still buy them

Forward to Friday evening and after a mixture of lemon, honey and whisky, I am feeling a bit better. 

 Blog 70

Excellent book!

There are some great tips here from our good friend and contributor Su Bristow. There is a good article here from Su.

Some people prefer to take the traditional route of pills and cough medicines, decongestants etc. etc. 

It will take its' course as nature always does. Colds are usually three to four days duration. How do you treat a cough and cold? 

Have a good week everyone and see you next Saturday!

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