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Many people struggle to chat to loves ones about death and life after they are gone, however it is extremely important to let relatives know your wishes and make plans for the future.

Planning for your end of life care includes planning your funeral, writing a will and making a lasting power of attorney. Studies show that 83% of the population believe that people in Britain are uncomfortable with talking about death and dying and more than half of those with a partner say they are unaware of their end of life wishes. Many people have different thoughts on how to go about planning their end of life care or plan and each individual will want something different, however here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about planning.

Chris Smith Funeral

As families age the subject of “the talk” changes from the birds & the bees to the end of life and sometimes the adult children are the ones who take control whilst the parents shy away. It’s extremely tempting for both parents and their children to avoid talking about end of life plans and many believe it’s a touchy topic.

However, author Melanie Cullen who specialises in the area of future life planning suggests that it is extremely important to discuss your plans openly with your family, showing us that there’s more than just objects to leave our loved ones!

Planning for you future helps save your family not only money but the worry of touch decisions and funeral arrangements at an already difficult time, for example whether they have picked the correct coffin or flowers that you would have chosen yourself, talking to loved ones and deciding arrangements together in advance can reduce these uncertainties and give relatives peace of mind that your send-off is exactly as you wanted.

Chris Smith Funeral

You may believe that because you took out life insurance 10 year ago everything will be taken care of for your family after you have passed. This will not always be the case, many insurance companies attempt to find loopholes in your policy and sometimes many don’t actually cover funeral costs at all.

Life insurance can sometimes take 12 months to pay out and during that time loved ones could have gotten themselves into grim financial trouble just to give you extortionate flowers that they aren’t even sure you would have chosen yourself!

Planning ahead can guarantee to beat the rising costs of funerals and ensure that you pay at today’s prices. A study suggests that funeral costs in 10 years’ time could be over £6000 which could result in families taking crazy actions to say goodbye. Don’t be like that, get yourself sorted whilst there’s still time.

Taking out a funeral plan can help set money aside to be sure that after your gone the money you have invested will go on your funeral. With life insurance, the money paid out to relatives can be spend in any way they desire meaning some might decide to scrimp on certain aspects of your funeral so they can embark on a fancy cruise to the Caribbean. However the money you pay into a funeral plan is earmarked for undertakers’ costs, a coffin, transport and the like therefore will not be spent on anything other than the send-off you planned for yourself.

Don’t let the thought of the end of your life put you off planning for it, the sooner you take control of your plans the sooner you can get back to the business of actually living.

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