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As the pension reforms come into effect on 6 April 2015 – offering retirees flexible access to their pension savings – there needs to be a push for people to seek professional, personally-tailored financial advice.

When George Osborne announced radical reforms to the pension’s market back in March 2014, there came a wave of confusion across the financial industry and the at-retirement market. Income drawdown would allow pensioners access to their pension savings as and when they so desired, leaving annuities as a product that was no longer a necessity.

Good advice is an absolute necessity

But as more options have become available for retirees, there are risks and complexities that need to be researched by everybody approaching retirement. While accessing your pension fund as a lump sum when you retire may seem like an attractive prospect, depending on your circumstances it may not be the best course of action.

To help retirees navigate these new reforms, the government launched their Pension Wise system, offering free guidance via the Money Advice Service. Unfortunately, the information provided to users can be lacklustre, as there is no personalisation and the recommendations do not constitute formal financial advice.

Why not ask for a free initial consultation?

In reaction, My Retirement Options  has launched its retirement planner. As well as reviewing your circumstances, including your aversion to risk and the aspirations you have for your retirement, the planner will also connect you with an independent financial adviser local to you. They will provide you with a free, initial consultation to discuss the results of the planner, before providing a no-obligation quote for their financial services.

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