Will Ann Harvey

There comes a point in our lives when it becomes necessary to make a will. It makes sound sense because not leaving a will can cause untold problems within the family.

If it’s a matter of the estate passing to the next of kin, a simple form from a reliable stationers will suffice

For more complicated estates involving property, it’s always advisable to involve a solicitor. Many of them offer a bespoke will service for a modest fee. This is particularly advisable when dealing with children from divorced parents who have gone on to remarry.

Many years ago, when we were contemplating an extended trip to the United States, I came across a little known fact about wills. If a husband and wife die at the same time, say in an accident, the elder is considered to have died first, the estate of the elder therefore passing to the estate of the younger.

In most cases, the children of the couple would then inherit

But now that many people have been divorced and there are children of two marriages involved, one needs to take care. In our own case, as I am the elder, if we both died together, my estate would have passed to my husband thence to his children, leaving my own children without a penny.

Needless to say, we both made separate wills before we left the country!

Thankfully, they were never needed and we’ve been together twenty-five years this year.

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