Travel, as we all know, broadens the mind. Unfortunately it can also lighten the wallet, and it’s not always the cost of the holiday itself that does it. If you are over 50 or have medical conditions it can be difficult – and sometimes extremely expensive – to get adequate travel insurance.

british currancy

I am a child of the fifties. I come from working class stock, my dad was a carpenter for Brighton. Council for forty nine years and I can honestly say he was better off when he retired than he had ever been during his working life.

We all have to shop for our food, drink and essential items every week. Another depressing report indicates that the public are not having value for money a lot of the time, especially in the supermarkets.

 The Differences Between Uk and Denamrk

I'm sitting here quietly fuming at the English tax authorities. When the government encouraged people to save for their old age I did not realise it was so that you have enough money to pay, not only the tax due but also next year's possible tax in advance. I retired a couple of years ago, a few months before my 70th birthday, but have carried on doing a little work freelance, for my old boss.