The last time I was here for a chat back in April of 2014, I told you about moving four generations of my family from Bristol to Cornwall. I thought I'd catch you up on what I have been up to since then.

One of the main reasons for moving here was that I have always been so inspired by the rugged north coast around where I live. The first time I came to Cornwall I was only four and loved it. I remained in love with the area and was totally over the moon when we eventually settled here in August of 2013.

What's not to love about Cornwall?

One thing we did very quickly after arriving here was to explore areas that we'd never visited before. We are so lucky to live close by a number of fantastic places. We are about twenty minutes from Padstow, thirty from Falmouth and about forty from St Ives. We had visited these areas many times over the years, but there was one place I had always wanted to visit and that was Tintagel, again, 'just up the road'.


Tintagel Castle

We went there almost exactly a year ago and it was cold, rainy, but entirely awesome. And of course, the writer in me immediately woke up and started taking mental notes.

King Arthur and Merlin were once here!

As we climbed the very steep and precarious hundred or so steps up the cliff edge to the ruined castle, surrounded by the myths and legend of King Arthur and his sidekick Merlin, the sun came out and a beautiful rainbow arched across the ocean.


A beautiful rainbow 

I already ready knew I wanted my next novel to be set there, but I was working on the sequel to a stitch in time, Cross stitch which came out in December so had to bide my time.

Mandy James

My two grandchildren and I relaxing in Pentire

The ideas for a new one kept whirling around my head and so did the title – Summer in Tintagel. I went back to Tintagel in June and visited the ancient church on the headland and then everything fell into place, the beginning, the middle and the end.

Tintagel church

St Materianas Church, built between 11th and 12th century

I don't believe in any organised religion but I am a spiritual person, and that church was very special.

St Materianas has seen centuries of emotions.

Rosa, my main character explains how I felt in this short extract from Summer in Tintagel:

.....Rosa however, did feel an affinity with the whole place. This church with its ancient tower and windows watching people pass in and through over the ages, their hopes, dreams, happiness, grief, longings, love and regrets alive in the stones. To Rosa it seemed as if these feelings were steeped into the structure of the building, through its roots and deep into the very bedrock itself.


Another view from the castle

Could it be that human emotions were the essence of the spirit? If this was so, was it possible that part of the spirit remained grounded long after the earthly body had turned to bones?

Thanks for having me back. I have really enjoyed it ☺

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