R Blumlein

ONSLOW Kirby was used to the mocking laughter of the Green Woodpecker and the hooting of the Monmouth Bullet on the other side of the River Wye; but nothing could prepare him for the sights and sounds which assailed him on a bright and clear 7th June 1942.

Voles Garth L

Image copyright Kate Long

"ANIMALS arrived, liked the look of the place, took up their quarters, settled down, spread, and flourished. They didn't bother themselves about the past - they never do; they're too busy."

 Garth L Hay Poisoner

Cusop Dingle: a quiet spot in the timeless village which is "Kilvert Country". Photo copyright Garth Lawson.

“Excuse Fingers” has a particular resonance in the Hay-on-Wye area.

Brobury House

Brobury House and Gardens, Bredwardine is a place that we've passed by so many times catching glimpses of the house through the trees......quite intriguing........but the lure of a special price ticket, buy one get one free, did the trick and saw us parking up in the ample car park and donning our walking boots.