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Helen V Open eve

I belong to a fabulous local choir, The Helen Vereker Singers.


Helen V open evenig

We meet every Monday evening at Gardner Hall, RNB, Venns Lane, Hereford and enjoy two hours of singing and continuing friendship.

It is a great way to de-stress and most importantly learn how to sing, have FUN and be ourselves!

Helen Vereker is our multi talented illustrious leader. We sing all types of music ranging from pop, rock, musicals, ballads, country, motown and even rap!

On 19th September, from 7-9pm, there will be an open evening to invite those of you who live in or around Herefordshire to come and sample a taste of what the choir is all about. Don't worry about your voice range, you won't be made to sing solo!

New members are always welcome. Why not come along and and see for yourself? All ages welcome!

We look forward to seeing you there.

There is a lot more information on HVS website and a promotional video to watch. 

Both photos used with permission.

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