Take a pinch of old friends, a pound of great conversation, a spoonful of relaxed atmosphere and sublime food! If the only ingredient you are missing when you go out is sublime food, head to Verzon House.

Owned by William and Kate Chase, it has understated style. The interior of their lovely Georgian building mixes scrubbed wooden tables with a glorious chandelier in the foyer; pots of parsley on the dining table alongside modern glass platters and slate boards with exquisite looking morsels of food carefully placed on them; chirpy and cheerful waitresses and stunning views of the Malvern Hills.


The beautiful gardens can be viewed from the restaurant

From start to finish our plates of food were a delight to the senses - they looked stunning and tasted fantastic

Whilst we had our pre-dinner gin and tonics, a slate of amuse bouche was presented with two bite sized scrumptious portions each - one was goats cheese and beetroot and the other was chicken - sadly, I was too busy chatting to our friends to properly retain exactly what the gentleman who presented it to us said.

But I concentrated fully on the menu and chose a starter of Madgetts Duck and Foie Gras with rhubarb and gingerbread. My main course was haddock and triple cooked chips and I finished with more rhubarb.


Rhubarb and custard - but not as I know it!

It was billed as Evesham Rhubarb and Custard, but bore no resemblance to the rhubarb we pick from the garden and dish up at home! It was amazing with swirls of this and that, foam (very modern), tiny squares of pancakes, to die for ice-cream and rhubarb sorbet - a perfect end to a fabulous dinner.

But I am getting ahead of myself. After our pre-dinner gin we were shown to a lovely big table right in the middle of the dinning room

There were tables for two around the sides and another couple of bigger tables by the front windows. At first I was a bit alarmed by the position of the table, as given the choice, I will always sit with my back to the wall but it turned out to be a really comfortable place to sit as we were far enough away from the other tables to not overhear or be overheard and I had a view through the windows to the hills beyond. On the table was a pot of fresh parsley which was a lovely touch.

We were brought warmed obviously freshly made rolls and enormous individually wrapped butters whilst we waited for our starters

DR had a bowl of spiced cauliflower soup accompanied by very spicy, according to him, onion bhajis - such an unusual but interesting start - he pronounced it delicious.

Verzons wood pidgeon

A Starter of wood pigeon

DI had chosen wood pigeon and as often happens when we eat out, his portion is smaller than his companions! A running joke with the four of us. But it looked amazing. SR had selected an asparagus mousse which was apparently glorious - it certainly looked it and my duck was fantastic.


Unusual name for a bottle of wine, Madame Constantine!

To drink, the others shared a bottle of locally blended red wine called Madame Constantine!

DI stuck to locally brewed Butty Bach and I continued to enjoy the gin.

The mains came and none disappointed and then it was onto the puds. Not wishing to bore you with the intricate details of each dish, I thoroughly recommend you head to The Verzons and sample it all for yourselves. Next stop a tour of the Chase Distillery - look out for a post about it towards the end of the month!

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