Phil P Steam train

OK, I have two confessions. First, I admit I was excited. Second, I’d been wanting to do it since I was a kid. Oh, and third, this is probably a man thing, ladies.

Val Holmes Rivaulex Abbey

Down a steep road into the River Rye valley, north of Helmsley, North Yorkshire lies the picturesque and tranquil ruins of a Cistercian abbey, founded in C12, in the village of Rievaulx.

Val Ban

Beningbrough Hall is just one of many places I have visited in North Yorkshire that has fed my imagination for the plots of my novellas.

Knares Val H

In 1488 Ursula Sontheil was born to her unwed, fifteen year old mother, Agatha. Despite being brought before the authorities of the time, she refused to name the father.

Adrienne Poppies

A glorious autumn day, with unexpected blue skies, white fluffy clouds and warm sunshine was just perfect to pay a visit to the Woodhorn Museum, near Ashington,to see the ‘Weeping Window’ of Poppies that had been installed by an army of volunteers.