Adrienne Poppies

A glorious autumn day, with unexpected blue skies, white fluffy clouds and warm sunshine was just perfect to pay a visit to the Woodhorn Museum, near Ashington,to see the ‘Weeping Window’ of Poppies that had been installed by an army of volunteers.

The Woodhorn Colliery Museum houses galleries of artwork created by the Pitman Painters and Norman Cornish; it displays 800 years of history of events in Northumberland which reflect stories of communities in the NE of England, and it stages regular exhibitions of various interesting projects that draw interest from local schools as well as the public.

Adrienne L Poppies

Weeping Window by Paul Cummins Artist and Tom Piper Designer

The biggest, and definitely the tallest, display to be shown is the ‘Weeping Window ‘-the wonderful display of poppies that were brought up north from the original display at the Tower of London. When the display was dismantled, some of the poppies were sold and of the remaining 888,000 plus, Woodhorn was lucky to be the first to receive a quota of poppies to begin creating the display.

Poppies Ad L

Cascading down!

The display cascades 55 feet from the top of the winding wheel of No 1 Heapstead . Mining was a major source of employment in the area and 2000 men from the colliery served in WW1, with many not returning to their families, it’s a very poignant reminder of those who served king and country.

Adrienne L Poppies

Wonderful poppies

Whilst the title of the display suggests the poppies might be cascading from a window, it is so much more appropriate to this area and its history that they are displayed in the way they are, as you will see in the photographs.

Adrienne L Poppies

History of Woodhorn Colliery

Northumberland is proud that Woodhorn Colliery Museum was the first place outside of London to display the poppies and they will be here until Sunday 1st Nov should you wish to see them for yourself. I had a wonderful day, the weather was kind, I managed to take some nice pictures (a photographer I am not !) and the conversation amongst people who had never even met before flowed freely as we walked around the grounds and through the display areas.