Nancy Glen

About 18.30 on Thursday 18 January a trawler, the Nancy Glenn from Tarbert, was fishing for prawns on Loch Fyne and unfortunately sank taking two local men down with it. Another was rescued.

 Burke and Hare

When demand outstrips supply of any commodity the price of the item sought will rise and those who can see their way to meet the demand will become rich.

A T Travel, Edinburgh

It's Autumn and at last the post has come with my new Summer holiday brochure for next Summer from AT Travel who are based in Edinburgh these days. I excitedly search through the pages to find a holiday. Perhaps there is a new one this year!

Val H Edinburgh

William Brodie was born into a family of successful Edinburgh cabinet-makers in 1741. The close, where he served his apprenticeship at his father’s side, still exists just off the Royal Mile.

As some of you may know,Rosslyn Chapel featured in Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code and is situated 6 miles from Edinburgh.