As some of you may know,Rosslyn Chapel featured in Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code and is situated 6 miles from Edinburgh.

The Chapel was built in 1446 by the St Clair family of Orkney. Many years later it fell into disrepair and in 1650 Oliver Cromwell stabled his horses in the chapel during the civil war!

In the 1950's it was decided to undertake some repairs to the roof and interior The pillars and carvings were coated in green algae and the well meaning, but ill advised solution was to give them a covering with a lime wash.

This had the unfortunate result of sealing in the moisture

In1995, a steel canopy was erected over the roof to give the stonework the chance to dry out naturally.This canopy was in place for 14 years.Happily the chapel now has a new roof,and the interior has been restored.

The carvings are very intricate with amazing detail and given that this was done in the 15th century is quite remarkable.

The Chapel is still owned by the present Earl of Rosslyn and is managed by a charitable trust. It remains a place of worship to this day

I really enjoy working in the new Visitor Centre and welcoming visitors from all over the world.Perhaps one day some of you may come to visit this unique building.

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