Highbrook Cottage (Wales)

Last March, my partner and I were looking for a bargain break for my birthday treat. So we went online and looked at dozens of so called deals. Home or abroad, city or beach, train or plane,how about ferry? After four hours and the realisation that none of these breaks were bargains at all, we gave up. We wanted to have some FUN!

Then later that week, a friend of ours rang up and asked us where we were spending my birthday weekend. We said we were not going to bother as everything was so expensive. She then offered us one of her country cottages that she rents out in Wales. These are located just over forty miles from where we live, so we had never thought of going there before. We decided that we would try it.

There was heavy snow at the time. We loaded up the car with food and provisions, wellingtons, thick scarves and hats, big winter coats, and off we went, not knowing the view that would greet us

We arrived in Radnor around an hour later and drove up this winding lane and finally came to our hideaway place,called Highbrook Cottage.

As we parked the car, a rabbit came bounding by, there was a stream running through the garden and beyond the fence, sheep were gently grazing in the meadow. We opened the door and stepped into another dimension! A tiny kitchen was approached through the porch with a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and a home made cake (incase we were hungry and thirsty after our journey!) How thoughtful is that?!

To the left, a small lounge was approached with a wood burning stove glowing brightly and a tub full of logs. This had thoughtfully been lit ready by the owner

Up a narrow steep staircase were two bedrooms tastefully decorated and a king size bed in the one bedroom, again very warm with radiators, Patchwork quilts covered the beds and ornaments were on the dressing tables from bygone years.

Highbrook Cottage (Wales)

Smile for the camera!

Back downstairs and sitting in the lounge with a slice of cake and a glass of red wine, we were more than happy!

After a good nights sleep, we decided to tackle a walk that was recommended to us. We drove up an extremely steep lane that went on for about three miles, up and up and up. Finally we pulled into a lay by and were surrounded by hill sheep. This was as far as the car could go.

Now we started our uphill walk, climbing ever higher and higher. it was FREEZING cold and the snow was still falling, but was so magical, we didn't mind

The views over the black mountains and beyond were magnificent. One annoying thing, we had forgotten to bring the camera! After two hours walking,we drove back down to the cottage and enjoyed a well earned cottage pie we had brought with us along with an excellent bottle of Rioja.

The following day we drove to Rhayader Dams, the snow was still falling and the roads really quite treacherous in places, Again, wonderful views of the dams gushing cold water as we walked along the footpaths. An evening out at the local pub rounded off our weekend.

We drove back home in an hour and felt like we had been to the other side of the world, well it was in Wales, so we were in a different country!

Will we go back there? Definitely! But a word of caution, mobile phone signals are intermittent and the TV doesn't always work. Not a lot of Internet either, so please go with a companion you like and can talk to!

Highbrook Cottage (Wales)

Missing the place already!