Tricia Azure Blue

This week’s poem was inspired by a prompt ‘The Blue Danube.’ This led me to The Blue Danube Waltz. In my mind’s eye I saw a couple waltzing around a Victorian ballroom thinking back to the day when they’d secretly kissed while boating on the lake.

Rivals poem

Rivals is a fun poem and was inspired by a prompt at my first tutorial for Creative Writing with the Open University back in 2011. I love painting but it doesn’t often get a look-in because the writing takes over.

Upwords poem

As it’s Mothering Sunday it seemed fitting that this week’s poem should be dedicated to my mum.

All Change poem

All Change is one of my earlier poems and inspired by a summer theme. It was first published in Brian Wrixon’s Summer Anthology, Poets of Voices Strong (2014).


Sunrise Concertante was first published in Sarasvati Magazine (2017)