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Trevor B Poems

Here are two poems which I hope you will enjoy.

My Mistake is a short poem about how a moment of madness can destroy the most important thing in your life. This poem was awarded an honorary mention in the Farringdon Poetry Competition.

My Mistake

I did something stupid, then lied, but you knew
I opened a window and your love went on through.
I tried to revive it, I tried, how I tried,
but love froze to death in the cold, dark outside.


I Held You isn’t autobiographical. I wrote it after cancer took the wife of a good friend of mine. She left an abusive marriage and found true love, for a time.


I Held You

We danced beside the river as the sun broke through the mist,
In the warming of the morning, I held you and we kissed.
And later that same afternoon, I held you as you slept,
Then you had to leave me and I held you as you wept.

I held you when we met again, back home in winter rain,
I held you in your ecstasy and in your guilty pain.
I held you when you broke away, to end the secrecy,
I held you as, when giving birth, you screamed and cursed at me.

I held you when the verdict came, that devastating call,
when fate tore away our happiness that morning in the hall.
I held you through the anger, through the fear and misery,
I held you on our final night, as you slipped away from me.

I dream we dance an endless waltz, your head upon my cheek,
I hold you close; you comfort me when everything seems bleak.
I bless you for our daughter, there's so much of you in her,
We hold you in our memories, you never leave us there.

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