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 Denice H

A certain person was annoying me, so ladies, I wrote this little ditty about some of the men in our lives, Bless 'em(not)


He wakes with a start

sometimes without warning

before the alarm sings its early morning tune

because now he is an old fart


He looks in the mirror very rarely now

the face that looks back at him

looks like an old cow

'cos he's no longer a stud

and talks more bull than he should


What used to be so cute

that cheeky little smile and dimple on his chin

now resembles more of a scowl and a pimple on his brow

but he still believes he has sex-appeal, somehow


His hair was once his crowning glory

but now it's just not there anymore

what's left he razors off, on to the floor

while shaving the face women used to adore


A body once so taut and firm

now goes south for the Winter

but when the Spring comes it does not return

He can't believe the age he's at

in his head he is nowhere near that!


He admires the ladies still

but doesn't seem to realise

Time has passed

He is now a father-figure, a shoulder to cry on

someone older and wiser to talk to

but he still believes he has sex-appeal, maybe


His mates still call him, lad

and of that he's so glad

to his sons and daughters he is Good Old Dad

He has to admit he is a granddad too

inside he is still only 32

and on a good day he might even be 22

but today he feels 82


Life hasn't quite panned out

that list he made at 22

He still has most of those to do

where did the years go

He thought they would go slower than this


Women have menopause

A barrier we pass

no more childbirth or periods at last

Men seem to hit 55, or thereabouts

like a bucket of iced water, over their face

then realise, they're already halfway thru the race

what have they done, why didn't it go as they planned?

If Only .........

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