Upwords poem

As it’s Mothering Sunday it seemed fitting that this week’s poem should be dedicated to my mum.

Upwords was inspired during an exercise of looking back. Mum and I loved playing Upwords together and even when she was very poorly in hospital I’d take the board with me at visiting times. The nurses were very understanding and used to let us continue to play quietly behind the curtains after visiting times. To my Mum, A mum in a million who I miss with all my heart.

A seven-letter word,

Mum lifts the tiles
into place,

we nibble on chocolate peanuts
and raisins, chat about TV soaps,
children, anything goes.

Letters build walls
on the Upwords board,
a challenge we adore,

Scrabble dictionary
Opens - Closes,
defines words, true or false.

Who wins today?
Me or Mum?

A treasure I hold forever in my heart.

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