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Tricia Azure Blue

This week’s poem was inspired by a prompt ‘The Blue Danube.’ This led me to The Blue Danube Waltz. In my mind’s eye I saw a couple waltzing around a Victorian ballroom thinking back to the day when they’d secretly kissed while boating on the lake.


They glide around the room,
arms angled loose and wide,
he gazes into blue topaz,
slyly whispers, reminisces
the canoe trip where they kissed
under the azure blue.

They glide around the room
corner to corner, step in time,
one, two, three. Magenta gown
trails layers of silk and frills.
She twirls in perfect motion
as he recaptures the azure blue.

They glide around the room,
ladies and lords come to a halt,
little brown cards wave and display,
it’s time to change. Their gaze holds
until a new escort directs
her away from the azure blue.

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