Liz Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey has shared with us a poem that her mother wrote on July 6th 2015. She is 94 and stricken with Alzheimers.

She was a prolific poet and we were reading her poems (she can recite many still by heart), when she suddenly said:

"Perhaps I should write a poem now?"

"Go ahead!" I said, and she rattled it off so fast I had to use shorthand to get it down. Here it is:

Remember me?
The one whose words you read
Which made you feel at times so sad
At times so glad?
I cherish every moment
Holding the poem in front of my eye
And reading
When a flood of memories drowns all reality
And I am back in the past with you

I miss you all so much
Even though we are out of touch,
I cared for you in those days and years
And still do so sadly shedding some tears

I cared for you when I was small
I cared for you when I was in mid-life
Now as an old woman of ninety-four
I care for you even more

I find it very hard to write
When you are in my mind and out of sight
Yet from now and forever you stay with me
As you did before
I love you all each passing day
My memories with me forever stay

It’s not goodbye
It’s just a pause
We will meet again of course

© Shula Bailey
11.30am 6th July 2015

                                                                                     [I am weeping as I write this.]

Editor: Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing this heartfelt moving poem.