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Joy Poem

We all remember that dreadful day on 11th September 2001. Here is a short poem I have written to share with you all.

Long after eulogies have been said;
guilt, anguish, recriminations have been put to bed,
cherished memories float on battered minds
that lift the spirit, and a kind
of healing process then begins.

Dry-eyed – the well is spent –
a funny limerick is found…
a loving note he meant to send.

A breeze-born waft of jasmine
and she is there…
a burnished copper leaf
reminds you of her hair.

A favourite walk, café, a tune…
Memories held so dear,
you pray that time will not prune
too much and leave the futile fear
that one day the memory of their
earthly presence will all but disappear.