Two Faces Joy L

We all have two faces don't we??  I have written a short poem to share with you all.


Is there anyone out there just like me:
grinning from a page like a chimpanzee;
courting the sun and dodging the rain,
cringing inside lest you think me vain…

Is there anyone out there
who feels the same,
longing but fearful of that thing called fame?

Hoping, yes yearning…for approbation,
yet holding back from a frowning nation;
Is it so wrong to share expression,
to voice your feelings,
ban repression?

But I’m a stubborn old soul,
whose needs must out;
I’ll ban the whimper
and raise the shout.

So, sorry folks – you’re stuck with me –
like a picnic-plaguing bumble bee.
My sleeve is full
and I’ve lots more to say…
So forgive my vanity
and let me stay.