Joy L

Early in the week, for whatever reason...I received a couple of DOZEN requests to Skype men. Among them, THREE 'GENERALS'? a Deputy General...a 'Sir' and a doctor. Only two women made the same request. I have no intention of Skyping any of them...

The first one was very cheeky..the remainder respectful. One stood out - from a 'Deputy General' - Harvard educated...ha ha. A second note revealed bad punctuation and grammar. I think not! The consequence of this, is a poem, written at seven this morning...Hope it makes you all laugh.


The first message was explicit:
(I imagined him cock-sure and slick),
I giggled but quickly recovered,
got rid of him quick with a click…

I’m ‘spoken for’ and happily married,
and let’s face it I’m ‘over the hill…’
but it took me back decades of years,
provided an ‘egotistical thrill.’

‘Twas as if I’d sent out a photo,
‘doctored’ and faintly erotic,
where my boobs were ‘in place,’
and an unwrinkled face
suggested a jolly good frolic.

Dear reader, I’m totally innocent,
except for writing on line;
don’t wear fancy drawers,
(prefer metaphors),
although the thought was sublime.

These days my pleasures are simple:
coffee on patio, pastry snack,
hot chocolate at night,
a book and ‘to write,’
not gymnastics in bed on my back.

What triggered this poem you may wonder,
I’ll tell you the truth – it’s a fact,
in twenty-four hours,
I was suddenly ‘showered’
by four ‘Generals, ‘ a ‘sir’ and a ‘hack.’

Of course most of ‘the others’
intentions were pure, white as snow,
but it’s safe to be wary,
and quite necessary,
for how is a woman to know?!