Fiona Dunn poem 

A poem to share with you all. I hope you enjoy reading it!


Shadows bleed out
As the heavy figure tramps on,
Sheep huddle into the browning hedge,
The single oak shakes,
But this is all lost
To the quiet man.

Move closer –
And you’ll see
A face washed by dirt and tears,
A step echoing with memories and grief,
A back bent by sorrow.

A crow’s call shrieks across the puddle sky,
A brief falter,
An incline of head,
But the eyes are unseeing
Filled with images of a kinder place
Drenched with light, smiles and time.

Pain scatters and rustles,
The whirling, ceaseless whisper of thought,

Stop –

A voice cracks through the air,
Lightning hope halts his heart,
But the cadence is unknown.
That voice is invisible to him,
Burrowed in an unforgiving place.

Night tinges the sky,
Mist curls over his skin,
A cold, gold eye watches from the wood...
But his steady step is the only sound he feels.