Lexley G

I have recently put together a selection of my poems written over the last ten years or so. I am mostly selling these for our local Cancer Support Centre.The poems are mainly light hearted and I hope will amuse. The book entitled "PROSAITRY" is divided into various sections, one of which is Christmas so here is a one poem which might resonate with readers at this time of year.

They're prepared for take-off now
those plucky little birds,
soon they'll be flapping near and
bearing good will words,
news from friends too busy
to write to you or me
but firmly believing that we
can't wait to see
how their wonder family have fared all this year,
has Tarquin got his doctorate?
Oh yes, never fear,
and Arabella, well we call her Belle
she's met the perfect man
from a very good background
and pots of money as well.

We follow all the exploits of these and other pairs
seemingly more perfect
throughout the passing years,
and then they too have children
so we need never fear
that the sagas won't continue
for, oh dear, many a year.

I'd like to harness a robin,
maybe I will some time
but I'd want to be clever
and write it all in rhyme,
which would take some effort,
it would simply be too hard,
so I'll just sit down as usual
and handwrite every card.

Editor: Lexley is very kindly donating a signed copy of Prosaitry. Details will appear on the website soon. Many thanks Lexley.

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