TV poem

‘Here’s my TV memories poem. I hope it brings back some memories for you too?’

Seagull poem

Invasion from Brighton is Part II in the Seagull Sequence. Part III next week.


Costume Project was inspired by a sewing group at my local Victorian park. It is taken from my collection ‘In a Delightful Country’ which I hope to publish later this year. Costume Project was published in Reach Magazine, Indigo Dreams Publishing, February 2017.


Wrong Turn is the first part of Seagull Sequence which I wrote when watching my local lake over three consecutive weeks. It was first published by Sarasvati magazine earlier this year. Part II next week.


Farmyard Fugue is a jargon poem. It was inspired from an exercise taking jargon from one subject and using in another. I think you should be able to spot easily enough which two subjects I used. It was great fun. Farmyard Fugue was first published by Reach Magazine in February 2017.