Ides of March Tricia O

Ides of March originated from an exercise at the start of my creative writing course with the Open University. It’s a bit of fun and I hope you enjoy it.

 First love poem

Do you remember your first love? I remember mine clearly. I was fifteen and when we broke up I thought my world had ended. First Love was inspired by these memories which were prompted when completing the Blues Studio Poetry Workshop with the Poetry School last year.

 Now its over poem

Now it’s Over was inspired when working on an online blues poetry course with The Poetry School last year.

Fitness Poem

At the time of the year when everyone’s thinking about getting fit and losing weight, Fitness Fanatic makes light of the subject. I hope it makes you laugh.

 Morning Mist

Morning Mist is based on using the pattern of Philip Larkin’s Days i.e. short lines, almost the same syllables and a ten line stanza.