Hilary Coombes Hen Party

I based the main character of my book upon the above premise, and it’s opened up a bit of a furore in some quarters.

I had a message from an 83-year-old lady in February, the month the ‘Hen Party’ was published. She was so very encouraging. Bliss! She said to ‘read the book had been a real tonic.’ She loved the fact that its main character was a 50+ woman living in today’s world and showing the younger characters in the book that we’re not in our dotage just because our hair has changed colour and our skin isn’t as firm.

Had I been able I would have kissed her for her kind words

I believe there’s nothing wrong with fiction set in the past but when I planned the ‘Hen Party’ I didn’t want to return the characters to their youth and a past period. I wanted to show a different, more vibrant side to the age they were now.

I planned to develop a character that embraced today with all the wisdom of advancing years, and this is just what Bern (the main character) does. Love her or hate her she will certainly keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next (not my words, but those of people who follow me on various media sites).

The early chapters of the book are set in Bristol, England, but once their holiday in Benidorm Spain begins, the four main characters in this novel start to crack and the secrets they are hiding begin to unravel.

One reviewer said that ‘she really liked the fact that all the characters were well developed so you can empathise with what all of them are going through even if you don't necessarily approve or agree with them!’

Set in Benidorm and Bristol this is a great read for anyone familiar with either location or going away for a vacation, because much of the action is set in the supposedly carefree holiday world

When a publisher decided they wanted my book the Coombes’ household went crazy. My husband brought out the fizz and our son started casting the rich and famous as the infamous Bern ☺️. Not sure Judy Dench would want to play the notorious Bern though! The phone was hot from the time spent laughing about it all with our daughter. We had such a lot of fun that night.

And finally just in case you want to know a bit about little ole me, I’ve added a few words below …I have purposely kept it short and I have tried not to make it boring, but before I begin – the question you may be longing to ask - Yes, I’m in my dotage but for some reason my hair hasn’t changed colour …yet! (but I bet it will before too long)☺️

I've read a few of these 'Meet the author' type posts and they often all say the same thing, the top one being 'always loved writing'! Well it seems to me that we wouldn't be writers otherwise for it is a lonely and not very well paid job for the vast majority of us

Anyway I was born in Devon, UK, but very quickly moved on to the City of Bristol where I grew up. Later, after juggling family and studying for university plus taking teaching qualifications as a mature student I taught in various schools and colleges, eventually specialising in teaching blind students. The latter job was the most rewarding of my life and there were times when I truly believe I learnt equally as much from the students as they did from me.

I now live between England and Spain and it was watching the antics of the many Hen Parties at the airports that first gave me the idea for the book. There are many ‘grannies’ dressed in pink pink pink and sporting a pair of pink fluffy wings or bunny ears to match, so these ‘young at heart’ characters are definitely out there. I hope someone reading this might consider themselves one of them.☺️

I love both countries equally which you'll probably realise if you read my regular articles on Oapschat, or if you catch any of my media sites –

Anyway I hope this short introduction has interested you, and if you do buy my debut fiction novel I really hope that you enjoy it. Do please let me know because receiving feedback is a lifeline for all writers, as otherwise it's a lonely job and you feel that you’re talking to yourself.

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Hilary Coombes Hen Party

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