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OAPSchat stands for Optimistic and ProActive Seniors. Well that's good, I'm glad it didn't stand for Organised and Professional Seniors because I would have failed on two of those.

I'm not even very senior. It's my birthday on the 15th and I will be celebrating 60 years on this good earth in an unusual way about which I'll write later.

I am anything but organised

Look what happened with my Alchemy series of books. “Write about what you know,” they said. So I did. I wrote about pagan religions (yes, there are nearly as many divisions as in Christianity) which, along with comparative religious studies has been a life-long interest of mine; No, to be honest, when you are born into a family with a Jewish father, a Calvinist mother who wanted to become a Catholic and an Aunt who worked in Sudan and sent loads of Muslim girls to stay with us to become accustomed to life in the UK before starting training in hospitals...not much choice really.

It was a case of: be interested in religion of all sorts or be very bored

So, sitting out back one day, having put my other series to bed for a while, I suddenly saw a man in a monk-ish habit rescue a woman from a convent. She was crippled and they obviously adored each other. I was hooked. I couldn't put the story down until I had produced the whole novel “Shaman's Drum”.

Readers were very pleased with it but complained that they wanted the back-story. Oh dear. Yes, you've done it again, Abraham. Without thinking at all, I had produced Book Two of a series and had to go back and write Book One as a prequel.

Phew! Now we have the whole story of a discovery that will change the world, the end of dependence on fossil fuels and the abolition of most organised religions, leaving paganism to surge forward

Idyllic? Not really because Nature abhors a vacuum and when one thing is removed (especially something as massive as religious beliefs) something else will rush in to fill the void. So who were the monk and “nun”? They were Iamo and Riga who, while trying to save the world fell in love, only to be parted at the end of Alchemy (Book One).

Ailsa Abraham

We're OK now, aren't we? If there is a demand for more, which there is, we will just continue with Riga and Iamo, now they have had to give up magic...well we would have done if another character, a Native American who featured prominently in both books, hadn't decided to take over. I was given no peace until I agreed that Book Three will be how he copes with having his Blood-Daughter taken from him and where he goes after that.

So NOW, Book Four will be Iamo and Riga's continued adventures and that, at the moment, will be the end of it

I have other books to write as well but the Alchemy series seems to have taken pride of place recently, especially since my motorbike accident which stopped me writing at all for nearly two years.

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Alchemy(Book One)
Shaman's Drum (Book Two)

They are also available from Goodreads where you can find other links as well. If you prefer paperbacks, they are available, ask your local bookshop to order them for you.

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