Barbara Murphy Creature Comforts

As a writer and new member of OAPSchat I was delighted to win a book!

With author Trisha Ashley and a village named 'Halfhidden' my expectancy was high, and it did not disappoint. I wanted to make friends with most of the villagers and, like them, wonder what caused the car to crash in Chapter One; who might not be telling the truth - and why:

Returning to Halfhidden after almost twenty years, Izzy Dane has many things to ponder over. Can Aunt Debo hold on to her sanctuary for rescued dogs now the whole Estate belongs to a stranger; can the village attract more visitors with its refurbishment scheme; can Haunted Weekends expand to Haunted Holidays; and will the new landlord be in favour of the changes?

Although it isn't quite 'love at first sight', Izzy has to admit that Rufus Carlyle is attractive enough to turn a few heads as he rises from the Lady Spring, looking like the Roman soldiers who once bathed there or Mr Darcy emerging from a lake. But her plan for a studio in the village and marriage to Kieron is still in the clouds - she isn't sure if they are still engaged.

The characters in this book are so beautifully drawn, you feel you truly know them. It cannot be pigeon-holed as a romantic novel, thriller, or comedy: it has elements of all which I love. I might drop merely half a star rating because they all appear in the first few pages so sometimes I have to turn back but - hey, such a tiny complaint.

I would certainly recommend 'Creature Comforts' to anyone who likes a really good read.

EDITOR: Creature comforts can be bought from Amazon. Read Trisha's artcle here about the dogs that inspired Creature Comforts!

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