I am so delighted about the huge success of my novel- ‘The Truth About Us’.  To date it has sold many thousands of copies and continues to do well.

People have taken time to give thoughtful, excellent and insightful reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, which I’m sure have added to the buzz. For those who haven’t read the book, this is the summary-

Despite forty-five difficult years of marriage, Nell and Gordon Lewis seem to be drifting quietly into retirement until Gordon begins an affair with Cath, a woman twenty five years younger.

To save her disintegrating marriage, Nell seizes on Cath’s dire personal circumstances, and invites her to come and live with them. Nell believes this will give the opportunity to observe what she hopes is a doomed relationship. Accepting Nell’s offer, Cath moves in, but instead of remaining the watchful victim, this arrangement quickly exposes Nell’s complicity in her long and turbulent marriage, her contempt for her husband, but also her capacity to find love where and when she least expects it.


When I finished ‘The Truth About Us’ I had no intention of adding anything further to it.

As far as I was concerned it was finished. However, as the reviews kept coming in, a familiar theme began to emerge- people wanted to know what happened to Nell Lewis and how she dealt with the dilemma I left her with at the end of the story. A lot of readers contacted me through my website wanting to know if there was a sequel on the way, and this prompted me to give this some thought. ‘The Truth About Her’ is the result.

It is a ‘mini sequel’, and only forty or so pages, but I hope gives a rich and hopefully satisfying conclusion to Nell Lewis’s journey.

Whilst ‘The Truth About Her’ ‘can be read as a stand alone (it does contain inevitable spoilers though), ‘The Truth About Us’ remains on a 99p promotion for another two weeks, for those who would like to read both.

EDITOR: Read Simon's article The Truth About Us here. Both books are available from Amazon. Please click on above links.

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