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Debbie Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our interview Debbie!

Are you enjoying spending time between living in Devon and London? Which do you prefer?

I like coming back to London to see my family and to get involved at QVC for my weekly shifts, with all my friends there, but I absolutely love going down to Devon. There is something spiritual about the place and as soon as I get there it feels like I'm on holiday. And I am going home! Sheepwash is a very small village in North Devon half an hour from Bideford, and whilst staying nearby and helping out at Retreats For You, it gives me the perfect antidote to hectic London. I actually love joining in and getting the place ready for writers to come and stay. Other people are going to come this year as well, we have lots of plans. When you think it is just £80 per person per night for breakfast lunch dinner afternoon tea coffee cake, and wine at dinner, you can see why it gets filled up quickly :-) if anyone is interested just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I read on your blog about opening a Vintage Tea room, can you tell us a little more about this venture please?

OMG! This has been a ambition for many years, I just did not realise it was :-). The Court, , the building RFY is in, used to be a general stores. And it is also a pop-up cafe from time to time. I am looking forward to doing a pop-up vintage tea rooms over February half term, around 18th, probably again over Easter as well, to learn what I don't know, if you see what I mean. Then once we've had a kitchen revamp in May, hopefully we will be open for business for much of the summer. Last year we ran a one-day vintage tea rooms event in Surrey and it was highly successful, for MDD. There will be an element of fundraising for my charity in as well. And lots of 50s stuff, things to buy,, 20s and 30s mismatched china crockery, appropriate music and posters on the walls, it will be amazing! And some fabulous teas coffee and cake and whatever people want to eat. And you can bet your life there will be some healthy choices on the menu as well! Esp almond milk (my choice) and gluten free options plus healthy salads. Not everyone wants to eat cake as it will not surprise you to hear me say :-) ha ha

You are the successful author of fiction books, now published by Choc Lit. Is it easier to write non fiction or fiction?

They are both completely different to be honest. I find fiction easy to write once I have set aside the time. And I have sadly not written as much as I wanted to last year with the move and everything. This year is the year I will get my big book finished that I hope to get a deal for. With the help of the lovely Julie Cohen, the author who has been my mentor for so long. She makes it easy! The non-fiction is just a statement of what has happened to me so it's a little easier in that sense. But I love crafting the tale, interweaving the plots, and seeding things that happen later so it's not all obvious what is going to take place. It's quite possibly the process. But you can't edit a blank page so I have to get cracking and take my advice a! Ha ha

Finally, what does 2017 hold for you?

I would say finding a man! But to be honest its not that a priority and has not been for three years. I do think the way destiny has played a hand in my world over this last six months, it will be interesting to see what 2017 holds in that respect tho. I blame writing romance on the notion that I still have the best years of head of me with someone who is better than any of the relationships I have had in the past, well who doesn't dream that! But yes I would love one day to "settle down "as they say, I can imagine having a lovely guy with me and both of us as a partnership running the retreats business in years to come. But there is quite a checklist, including needing to be able to fix a leak and to cook and to be charming with visitors so we will see. I'm joking. A psychic recently told me, tho', and i say this along with a big pinch of salt of course, that a new totally appropriate man would come into my life and bowl me over this year, someone completely new. So I'll hold her to that! LOL. But seriously - the obvious things really - making everything a success as mentioned above. One of the big things I am looking forward to is my lovely daughter Lauren getting married in September, she is 27 and she is absolutely beautiful, well what mother doesn't say that :-) So A big year for all I think!

Debbie Flint

Many thanks for your time Debbie. It has been lovely to interview you again.

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I am delighted to tell members that Debbie is very kindly donating a signed copy of her latest diet book. I shall announce the raffle date on the website today!

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