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Today, I'm delighted to welcome best selling author Carole Matthews to answer some questions for us. I have enjoyed reading Carole's books for a number of years now and am intrigued to read her answers to my questions!

What were your best and your worst subjects at school?

English - not surprisingly - and art. I must have a brain that leans towards the creative as I still can't add up for toffee.

If you hadn't become a best selling author what would your profession have been?

I think I missed my calling as an estate agent. I do like a bit of property porn. Trawling through Rightmove is my idea of relaxation.

How many books have you written to date?

Number 24 - A Place to Call Home - is just about to come out in paperback (10 April) and I'm currently writing novel number 27. I have no idea how any of it has happened.

carol matthews

Such a feel good book

How do you plan your research?

It depends what the book is about. Sometimes it involves a trip - my novel Calling Mrs Christmas was set in Lapland, so that required me to do husky sledding, snowmobiling and watching the Northern Lights. Fabulous! Other research, much less interestingly, can be done through the power of Google. I don't know how authors ever managed without it.

If one of your books was made into a film, which one would you choose and who would play the lead role?

It would be The Chocolate Lovers' Club and my lead character is a rather dizzy blonde called Lucy Lombard. Maybe Kirsten Dunst would be the right lady.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Currently, I'd have to say Keswick in the Lake District. We've been lucky enough to travel the world, but this is the only place that I want to go back to every year. We're off there again in June.

When you are not busy writing, do you find it easy to switch off?

Impossible. I'm not sure that any writers switch off. Our busy brains are always on the lookout for plots and ideas. I do a lot of reading, cake baking, telly watching, walking and knitting. Not at the same time though.

All of your books have gorgeous covers, do you have any input on their design?

Yes, I help to brief the designer. But the lovely Alice Tait, the artist who produces the covers, then comes up with something brilliant that we all instantly love.

The first novel I read by Carole

Do you think it’s ever too late in life to start writing?

Absolutely not. A lot of people only take to writing after they’ve retired. It can be a very relaxing and consuming process. Unless you’re up against a deadline, of course!

Thank you Carole for being my guest on Oapschat. I’m really looking forward to reading A Place to Call Home next month and wish you every happiness and success for the future.

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