Water Gypsy Kay Seeley

Copyright Enterprise Books

When Tilly Thompson, a girl from the canal, is caught stealing a pie from the terrace of The Imperial Hotel, Athelstone the intervention of Captain Charles Thackery saves her from prison. Tilly soon finds out the real reason for the rescue.

Creature Comforts Trisha Ashley

Copyright Avon

Sunday Times bestselling author Trisha Ashley is back this summer with her eagerly anticipated new novel.

Love Shack Tina K Burton

Copyright Crooked Cat Publishing

I am thinking of maybe including a new link on the website to promote our wonderful author contributors new publications as they become available. 

While I WasWaiting Georgia Hill

Copyright Harper Impulse

Many thanks to Oapschat for inviting me on to tell you about my latest book.

Quirky Girl

Although I enjoy writing, and think it will always be my first love, I do relish the challenge of self-publishing my own work. It can be tough making all the decisions as to what one wants the finished article to look like – not least of which is the design of the cover.