Christina C new book

Most authors like to get their research right and usually that means ploughing through numerous boring old tomes, sifting through mountains of information to find that one useful nugget that fits our story.

 Bread Simon K

It is nearly seventeen years since I worked in post-communist Romania, living in Transylvania- the home of ‘Vlad the Impaler’, later to become Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Anne Allen

 Looking back, it was love at first sight. This was in 1987 when I first arrived on Guernsey’s shores, my three children in tow, having been invited over for a holiday by two generous sisters, Judy and Sheila.

 Margaret Johnson

Lots of people want to write a book – apparently, in America, it’s 81% of people!

 Marilyn Chapman

One day, at a high profile lunch, I was introduced to my idol Jilly Cooper, then a highly successful columnist on the Sunday Times and now an international best-selling author.