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Here is my twelfth blog post to share with you all.


Dear Cherry,

It was my Gotcha Day two weeks ago!  Four years ago on March 14th Mummy came to my RGT kennel, put a new collar around my neck, a new coat on my back and put me in the back of her car to take me home with her. She'd "got me" and she promised she would never let me go. She has kept her promise and I'm such a happy boy.

I'm sorry to hear your Mummy is poorly. I don't know what I'd do if my Mummy had to go away without me. It's bad enough when she goes to work! I always know when she's due home and start to pace around the house and look for her out of the lounge window to make sure I don't miss her arrival.


I know your Mummy wouldn't ever leave you by choice so I'm sending her lots of loving licks in the hope they will help her to get better.

Mummy and I went to the beach today and I found her some treasure as a Thank You for her coming to rescue me four years ago. Mummy collects sea glass and keeps it in a special dish, so I did my best to find her some nice pieces to add to her collection.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and we were out walking Bembridge Down and Culver Cliff for two hours! There were so many sniffs up there and more rabbits than you could imagine. It was great fun! It's one of our favourite walks as there is always something new to see. Yesterday we saw the remains of a campfire amongst the trees. It was still smoking although there was no-one around so they can't have been gone long, unless they were hiding in the bushes, watching us.

 Arik Gotcha

I am so glad to see that Spring is on the way. I love the warmer weather when I can feel the warmth of the sun on my fur. I have some beautiful winter coats to keep me warm, but I'd rather not have to wear them at all. I feel so free when all I have to wear is my harness.

Well I'm going to have my special Gotcha Day dinner now - roast chicken with rice and scrambled egg! Yummy!

Write back soon dear cousin Cherry.

Love & Licks

Arik xxx

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