CherryHere is my eleventh blog post to share with you all.

Dear cousin Arik,

How are you? It's been ages since we wrote to each other. We haven't really done much to talk about, except recently it's been a bit of a strange time.

One day last week, we went on a longish car drive. When we got there, Mummy got out, then Daddy drove home again, and that was it, I didn't see Mummy again, not even when I went to bed that night, which was awfully strange. Mummy has always been there to cuddle me, scratch my bum, kiss me goodnight, and give me my biscuits. I didn't know what on earth was going on.

Where was she? Why had she abandoned us? Would I ever see her again?

All the next day she wasn't back, and although I love Daddy loads, things didn't feel right. Daddy was a bit miserable too. I went to bed again that evening with no kiss or cuddle from Mummy - which made me sad because you can never get those times back can you? - and I wondered if that was how life was going to be from now on, just me and Daddy.

The next day, still no Mummy, and I decided she must have left us. But then, I heard Daddy talking on the phone, and he told me Mummy was coming back.

So she did love us after all!

I waited and waited - a day is such a long time - and then, in the evening, around the time I have my Crackerjacks, a car arrived and out of it came my mummy and a pretty lady who visits us sometimes. I was so happy, I just wanted to burst. I jumped up and down trying to get to Mummy, but that big dog from next door got in the way and Mummy shouted at him. She was as desperate to get to me as I was to get to her.

Oh what joy to see Mummy back! I was so happy I ran up and down the gravel drive - don't tell them though as I usually make such a fuss about walking on it - then followed them all indoors and ran around the kitchen table several times. Mummy laughed and gave me a big cuddle and lots of kisses. I gave her a good smell, just to make sure she really was my mummy. I mean she looked like her, but unless us dogs have a good sniff, you never know!

She didn't look very well, so I now know that she's poorly and had been somewhere to get better, but she was home.

Daddy still did my night time routine that evening because Mummy went to bed early, but I didn't mind, it was just nice to have her back.

But last night, Mummy gave me my biscuits, scratched my bum, cuddled me and kissed me just like usual, and I felt happy with things almost back to normal.
Mummy said she'll probably have to go away again soon, but this time I know she'll be back so I won't worry so much.

Nothing else has happened...ooh except I saw a deer a while ago. Right outside our house.

Mummy and I were just going for a walk when it ran across in front of us, into the field. I was so excited I almost pulled Mummy over, but I didn't mean to. I hope that wasn't what made her poorly and have to go away.

I look forward to my walks every day now, in fact if Mummy and Daddy aren't getting ready in time, I make a real fuss so that they know it's walkies time. Well the deer might come again and I don't want to miss it do I!

Mummy said she doesn't know why I get so excited, what do I think I'm going to do if I see another one? I'm on a lead so can't chase after it. I don't know really, I just get so excited when I see something like that. I can really smell them, and I get this strange feeling coursing through me, I just want to chase after them. I can't help it.

You'll understand what I mean, Arik.

Well that's all for now, I'm going to snuggle on the bed with Mummy and make sure she doesn't go anywhere.

Write back soon, you must have lots of news to tell me!


Love and licks,
Cherry xx

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