Sharon B Fireworks

Now we have reached November, it's a good time to think about keeping your pets safe for bonfire night. If you are having a bonfire party or a fireworks display, please inform your neighbours first, especially if they have pets. We can then all be prepared and know what to expect.

Dog Sandy Wilson

Owning a small furry animal is a rite of passage for every small child. As a parent, in a moment of grand delusion, you buy your offspring a hamster or gerbil. You think, wrongly, that they will learn from the experience, learn the joy of caring for another being.

Cherry Tina B

In July 2014, I was reading a book by my writing friend, Chris Stovell. The main character had a greyhound called Gracie. I loved her, and for some reason, right out of the blue, I decided we should have one.

Rosy and Fleur 

Spoiled rotten? My dogs? Perish the thought! Surely every dog starts the day with a lovingly, freshly prepared smoothie of fruit and vegetables?


Some of my earliest memories are of pestering my parents to buy me a pet, whether it was hamsters, gerbils, rabbits or a dog. I’m not sure of what first triggered my love of all things furry, but now, in my thirties, my passion for animals has blossomed into what some people may describe as less of a hobby, and more of an addiction.