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Are you already a vegetarian or are planning on becoming a vegetarian? Perhaps you would like to eat less meat but cannot find any tasty alternatives.

If you are already a vegetarian, maybe you have heard of Goodlife Foods. I have been sent three different frozen food meals to try and I will now share my findings with you.

Let's start by quoting a few lines from The Goodlife Foods website.

'Here at Goodlife we think vegetables should be the star of the show. We source the healthiest vegetables from the finest farmers in the UK to create nutritious vegetarian meals.
For over 25 years we’ve been seeking out the most amazing vegetables from Great Britain’s best farmers and using them to create delicious vegetarian meals for you and your family. So whether you’re taking part in Meat-

Free Mondays, feeling flexitarian or you’re committed to a full-time vegetarian diet, our products will help you live the life you deserve – the Goodlife!

The team here at Veg HQ love their vegetables which is why we make them the star of the show! We work closely with our farmers to sow, grow and harvest the best vegetables at their peak; that way we know that our veg is fresh, tasty, a source of protein and ready for you to enjoy.'

French Bean and Spinach Sauasages with Wensleydale Cheese

Goodlife article

So for my first meal, I cooked French Bean and spinach sausages with Wensleydale cheese. There are six sausages in each pack and this number is sufficient for two meals. You can either cook them in the oven, grill, pan fry or barbeque. I chose to oven cook. They took 20 minutes in my oven on Fan 180 (Coventional 200oc, Gas Mark 6)

Goodlife Sausages

Sausages ready to go in the oven

I turned the sausages after ten minutes and in twenty minutes, they were cooked. They don't turn as brown as traditional meat sausages, so I was careful not to overcook them incase some of the flavours deteriorated. I was looking after Mr Larkin for a few hours, so I cut up half a sausage for him to try and he loved it!!! At 86kcals per sausage, a healthy and tasty meal.

Goodlife Food

Sausages served on a bed of tagliatelle with beetroot as an accompaniment

 Mushroom and Spinach Kiev with a creamy garlic and cheese sauce

Goodlife food

My second meal consisted of two kievs and these were placed on some foil and cooked for 22 minutes in my oven at 180oc (Coventional 200oc and Gas Mark 6). At 290kcals per kiev, not a high calorie kiev. Containing 16% mushrooms, 14% garlic cheese sauce and 8% spinach, plus other flavourings, the combination made for a pleasant tasting kiev. I served mine with two small jacket potatoes and beetroot. (You may have gathered that I am fond of beetroot!)

Goodlife food

Kievs ready to be cooked

Goodlife article

Mushroom and Spinach Kiev served with beetroot and jacket ptotoes

Falafels with Chickpea, Cumin and Coriander


I have to be honest and admit that I have never bought Falafels in this country. A short cooking time of only 15 minutes in the oven (same temperatures as above meals) and they were ready. Each Falafel contains 39kcals and I had 8 on my plate with a portion of mixed vegatables. Containing 71% Chickpeas and 21% Onion plus other spices, an unusual dish for me as a main meal, but a healthy and filling one all the same!


Falafels ready to be cooked


Falafels with a selection of mixed vegetables

Would I buy these products again? I am very happy with the tastes and flavourings of the three meals I have evaluated. The only downside is that I feel the consistency of each product is rather dry and needs to be enhanced by an extra sauce, a salad dressing or maybe some lime or lemon juice.

All meals are good value and provide a great alternative to meat dishes. I will be buying some of the others to try and also like the look of many of the recipes on the website.

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