Amandai Apples

When you have an apple tree in the garden there comes a point in the year when you have to deal with it! Some years there is only a limited amount of fruit but other years there is a massive crop!

Choc Michel

Here is a recipe to share with you for October. I hope you enjoy making and eating this fabulous desert!

Michel BRU

I am delighted to introduce another great new feature to the website. Talented private chef Michel BRU is going to share one recipe a month with us starting from October. Here is an introduction to Michel and a recipe from September 2015.

Tots Coeliac

Some of you may by now have seen the new Coeliac UK TV advert, the one with a woman having her midriff squashed by a snake and carrying her own bodyweight in fatigue around with her.

organic food at it's best

A recent debate on another site for the more mature browser really surprised me. Being of the mature generation myself, I was surprised to read my contemporaries ranting on about the 'waste of money', 'all a con', 'just a way to charge more' and so on.