If you grow any of your own herbs, you’re bound to have a surplus at some point. Green leaves can be frozen, but the old-fashioned ways are still the most popular.


Hives in New Zealand

As the spring days begin to lengthen, we are reminded that soon the long, glorious days of summer will be here – or at least we hope! But in our gardens the year is already well advanced with the garden echoing to the sound of humming and buzzing emanating from a variety of winged creatures including the ever industrious bees.


My box of Simply Cook recipes and ingredients to try is proving irresistible!. The next dish I cooked was Hot Cajun Meatballs.


This is another great recipe from my current box of Simply Cook meals. We are 'travelling' to Korea this time!

Curry Simply Cook

I have to admit that I do tend to cheat with curries and use a well known jar of curry sauce, so this was going to be an interesting and hopefully, an enjoyable experience eating this type of curry.