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Sally portatrit

Last but not at all least, was driving along part of the iconic Route 66.......where yes, we did get our kicks!!!


Route 66 Sally Jones

Sally and Geoff having a fascinating time!

We picked it up in Flagstaff, Arizona passing through Gallup, Santa Rosa, Amarillo, and ended at Elk City, Oklahoma.

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch, just outside Amarillo

Along the route we found numerous ghost towns, delapidated petrol stations, abandoned 1950's Chevies/Lincolns/Cadillacs but also some amazing museums........some which were free and others only charging a small amount.

"Get your kicks on Route 66"

A particular favourite of ours was The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton.......where we spent almost a whole morning admiring all the artefacts/memorabelia from the golden age of Route 66. Each room depicted a certain decade with music of that era to get you in the mood!!!

Sally Oaklaholma

Oaklahoma State Sign

Certainly worth the $5 (£3) entry charge per person. Another special memory of this road was when we first joined it. Signs along the road told us to travel at a certain speed and drive with the right tyre over the indents in the road and you would hear some classical music!!!

Sally route 66

One Of The Bars at Route 66

We really did think this was some sort of a joke....but really did work.......and no we hadn't had too much to drink!!!! Fascinating stuff........would love to travel again on Route 66.........maybe west to California.......maybe next year.....only time will tell!!!!

"Be prepared to drive up to 400 miles a day"

So......there you have it......18 days of sheer fun.......travelling round some wonderful areas of America. Not only is it such a diverse Country but a huge one too. So, to visit some of these Wonders of the World you really do have to enjoy the driving........sometimes up to 400 miles a day.

My favourite part of the trip I think would have to be up and over the Rockies with the snow......the icy cold air.....the breathtaking scenery. Geoff says his would be the experience of Route 66......seeing the bygone age of the birth of the motorcar and driving along one of the first major road from East to West.

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