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Wills and Probate Services Hereford

If you've ever used the services of a decorator, paying them on a daily rate, you'll probably think twice about doing it again.

I'm not making a judgement about decorators, but I am, as a customer, aware that it's easy to read into a delay, a desire for more money. I also had the experience, once upon a time, of a decorator, not realising I was a potential customer, sharing his philosophy that when on a daily rate, he doesn't stress about the job overrunning.

What I Do

I specialise in Wills and Probate work, and I strongly believe that in most Probate cases, it's possible to give a fixed fee that a family can rely on. We spend a good hour plus with a family at our first (free) meeting, working out what needs to be done, and who's best to deal with things.

Often a family has done a lot of work already, gathering papers, even requesting valuations. Sometimes they have done nothing, still in the depths of grief. Generally though, we're able to establish how many banks need to be dealt with, whether the property needs to be dealt with legally, whether there are stocks and shares to deal with and what other issues are of concern, such as the insurance of the property and the draining of the boiler tank.
Once we've gone through that process, within reason, it's possible to anticipate the costs like Probate Court fee and Land Registry fees but it's also generally possible to say more or less what work is involved. From time to time, an additional bank account is revealed, causing extra work, but often this does not increase our fees. Something like an extra property, like the villa in Spain, would increase the costs. It's a question of balance.
We like to work on a fixed fee. Just as the decorator who has agreed a fixed fee for work, gets on in an efficient manner, we believe this way of working, where you can rely on the price you've been told, based on the information you have available, is best all round.

If you're tasked with sorting out an estate when someone dies, you may find our initial free chat, helpful. We don't expect that you'll then necessarily go on to formally instruct us. We're genuinely happy to chat things through for free. In fact, if we can see that you are fine with the paperwork, and could deal with things yourself, we pride ourselves on telling you that.
If you need a chat, call Jane at JC Independent Wills & Probate on 01727 840 240.

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Jane Cassell
Who Am I?

I specialise in Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) & Probate work. My office is in St Albans, but I'm only a phone call away, and generally happy to chat through any situation you're concerned about.

Tel: 01727 840 240

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