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Lesley drawing

I recently moved house and one day while unpacking and sorting through various boxes and bags that had been hastily packed away I found myself being distracted by photos, cards and momento's that had not been looked at for many years.

It was quite a trip down memory lane. 

I found wonderful cards congratulating us on the birth of our first child Alison who was born in 1980. In another box I found a card that Alison wrote four years later when her baby sister Suzanne came into the world. 

Alison had drawn a picture of an elephant as a greeting for " the baby". 

Lesley baby

 One Of Alison's First Creations

As the years went by, it was clear that Alison had a strong artistic talent and although she gained good 'A' level results, she chose not to go to university because she just wasn't really interested in art and preferred to go down the route of graphic design.

lesley card

Card Caption Says It All!

Alison now has a good job designing packaging for children's toys and is also skilful at designing greeting cards . We have had many wonderful examples and we look forward to seeing her creations whenever a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day , Father's Day etc arrives. 

lesley card

Lovely Couple!

Alison has been rather busy this last 12 months looking after our first grandchild Katie Isabella and is due to go back to work soon. I wonder if  Katie will inherit her mums artistic trait ? I am also artistic and used to spend a big part of my childhood painting, drawing and making things. 

 Happy Birthday can

Happy Birthday!

Suzanne is also very talented and my next article will on the many wonderful achievements she has made despite her eyesight problems.

Many thanks Lesley, we look forward to hearing about Suzanne. 

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