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Yvonne P Marriage

Adding to my last story, I thought you may be interested in how it all came about, the marriage I mean.

Phil and I had been living together for some time and although we sometimes jokingly mentioned a time when we would be married, I had no idea he was actually quite serious about it. He did say that he felt awkward introducing me as " his partner" but it didn't worry me at all, after all it wasn't as though we intended to start a family.

Christmas came around, our first as a 'live in' couple and we decided to have lunch in our local hotel as my family were arriving next morning for Boxing Day and it was likely to be fairly hectic

We were shown to a large round table that seated four couples and were soon imbibing the champers and getting to know our fellow guests.

One couple announced that they were to be married in the New Year and to my amazement Phil announced that we were too.

"Hang on a minute" I interrupted  "you haven't actually proposed yet!"

That did it, everyone said this was the ideal time and he was urged to pop the question. " But I haven't got the ring yet" " We'll soon see to that " said one of the ladies and promptly gathered up a couple of crackers and dismembered them, found some wire and pretty baubles and fashioned a ring. " There you are, a ring " Well, poor Phil had no option but he did it so well, down on one knee, the full bit amid applause and cheers he slipped the ring on my finger. It was wonderful except that I had mascara running down my cheeks.

I still have my precious ring nestling in my jewel box and I will never part with it

Marriage Yvonne P

My gorgeous engagement ring

A couple of months later I received the real one. Phil has a musical colleague and he had agreed to make me a ring to my own design. It's not a conventional engagement ring but it's exactly what I wanted. It's a Tudor Rose, set in white gold with a centre of a white pal which is surrounded by fire opals, I love it.

Marriage Yvonne P

St Lucia

By the way, my jeweller has also made rings for Kate Middleton before she was married so I am in good company. Just after this, Phil told me he had intended to propose whist we were on holiday in St Lucia !

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Yvonne Probert
Who Am I?

I am living on the border of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, on the slopes of the lovely Malvern Hills with my second husband. We have been married for just over two years.

I originated in Hampshire where I was married and had two children. My first husband died six years ago after a long illness.

I am now 77 and have been retired since I turned 60. I was working for Social Services and a Care Manager in Portsmouth. Previously I was a Home Care Manager in Havant.

I have four grown up Grandchildren of whom I am very proud. I also have a very elderly cat who helped me through the difficult times after my first husband died. We have both settled very well in our new home.

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