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June Tate

I was eight at the time. Southampton had been decimated during the days of the Blitz

My parents and I lived in a private block of flats. We were in the ground floor of four. Every night at seven o'clock, the German planes would fly over dropping their bombs.

Some residents took off for the country every night, others came to us and whenever we heard the whine if a bomb, my father would yell, "Duck!" And we would all huddle on the floor in a corner of the hallway. Not realising the seriousness of the situation, I thought this was fun!

One evening, my father and grandfather were putting out incendiary bombs outside when they looked up and to their horror, saw the top floor was burning.

My mother put a colonder on my head, a saucepan lid on hers to save us from falling roof tiles and we ran to the garages to the car

We tried to drive down one road but a huge crater in the road made us take a different road out of the city. The following morning we returned. Everything was ruined. We had just what we stood up in other than papers and my mother's make up in a small suitcase.

Prior to this, one day I'd been set to the shop for my mother when a lone German bomber flew over, strafing the roads nearby. In a panic I ran towards home, stopping at a nearby sweetshop I used. Completely exhausted and in a distressed state, I was horrified when the owner wouldn't let me stay. When I did get home, my mother gave me a small sip of brandy and later visited the shop where she really did vent her anger!

Years later I was among the crowds at the Civic Centre dancing and singing with the crowds celebrating the end of the war.

It was lovely to see the concert in London with all the war time songs being sung

It took me back to my childhood. I remember all the GI's stationed in the town, and those days before D Day as they marched to the docks in readiness.

It's amazing it happened so long ago. Where did those years go? And still there are wars!

Did we not learn anything?


Peaceful scene in Southampton 2015, may it always be like this!

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June Tate
Author: June Tate
Who Am I?

June Tate was born in Southampton where many of her novels are set. After leaving school and training as a hairdresser she worked on cruise ships the Queen Mary and the Mauritania, meeting many Hollywood film stars and VIP’s on her travels.

After her marriage to an airline pilot, she briefly lived in Portugal. June, who has two adult daughters, now lives in West Sussex. Was Chairman of the West Sussex Writers’ Club for three years and has held teaching seminars in Italy, Corfu and Winchester University. She is now a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and has written eighteen novels.

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